What is the Cold Shower Challenge?

The gauntlet has been thrown.

We challenge you - oh web surfer - to come up with something that is funnier, weirder or sexier than anyone else out there.  Oh, and we will pay you.  If you have the best content of the month you will win $1,000.

But, there is one condition.  You have to somehow incorporate a cold shower into your video.

Why do this you ask? 

Well, web surfer, we believe that there is humor in everything.  And, the idea of a cold shower to many is the most humorless, unsexy experience on earth. 

So, the gauntlet is thrown.  Get your funny, weird or sexy on and embrace The Cold Shower Challenge.

And, oh, should you actually lose your hot water, you may find it's not so funny.  When that happens, you'd better think fast.







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